Radiant Hair & Skin, LLC is a Hair Studio in Olympia, WA

Primary Business Line: (360) 481-5818, (360) 317-0696

My name is Renee Fox-Rowe and I run Radiant Hair & Skin, LLC, a private hair studio located in Olympia, WA. I have extensive experience in the hair industry and in working with many different kinds of clients, I have been able to build up the skills and expertise needed to treat your unique situation and give you hope for your hair loss.

I provide the following:

Consultations are complimentary, during which we can discuss all of your options and find the solution that's just right for you. For more information about my services or to make an appointment, please contact me at Radiant Hair & Skin, LLC today!

What Makes Us Proud
  • Appointment Only
  • Complimentary Consultations
  • Quality Products
Locations Served
  • Olympia, WA
  • Surrounding areas